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Tiredness and Fatigue? How to Combat Seasonal tiredness


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    Fatigue: one of the main symptoms

    Let’s start by examining one of its most apparent indicators: persistent fatigue. You might recall that hollow sensation you mentioned earlier as if your energy is draining away before the day even begins. Well, that’s what fatigue entails. It’s like the shadow of asthenia, following you wherever you go. Even after what you think was a decent night’s sleep, it lingers, leaving you sluggish and unable to regain your usual vitality.

    This fatigue isn’t just a temporary dip after a hectic day; it runs much deeper, impacting your body and mind. It can render even the simplest tasks daunting and greatly influence your mood. It is a constant reminder that something isn’t right, that your body requires attention and care to restore balance.

    When to worry about asthenia (the different types) 

    Persistent fatigue is one thing, but knowing when it is a cause for concern is another. Fatigue can be a symptom of several diseases, some more serious than others. 

    Among the different types of fatigue, 

    • First, there is reactive fatigue, which occurs in response to a stressful event or change in routine. It is usually temporary and disappears once the stressful situation is resolved. 
    • There is also psychological asthenia, also known as psychasthenia, which is characterised by intense mental fatigue, often associated with anxiety or depression. This form of fatigue can be particularly disabling and requires special attention.
    • It may also be a sign of an underlying chronic disease, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism or even cancer. In some cases, it may be related to the ingestion of toxic substances or medications, requiring immediate medical evaluation. It is therefore crucial to recognise the signs of abnormal fatigue and consult a healthcare professional if you are concerned about your level of fatigue, especially if it persists despite rest and self-management measures.

    A special case: chronic fatigue syndrome

    Among the array of fatigue-related conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) holds a distinctive and often misconstrued position. This intricate ailment is characterised by severe and persistent fatigue, which usually does not improve with rest and may be aggravated by physical or mental activity.

    Individuals with CFS may also experience other symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, headaches, sleep disorders and difficulty concentrating. Although the exact causes of CFS are not fully understood, it is widely accepted that it is a multifactorial illness involving dysfunction of the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Diagnosis of CFS is often difficult due to a lack of specific tests, which can lead to delays in treatment and misunderstanding by those surrounding the patient. 

    However, early recognition of symptoms and a comprehensive treatment approach focused on symptom control can help to improve the quality of life of people suffering from this debilitating disease.


    What are the causes of asthenia?

    Asthenia can have a variety of causes but is often the result of an imbalance between the demands of our daily lives and our ability to cope with them. 

    This persistent fatigue may be due to several factors, including :

    • chronic stress, 
    • lack of sleep, 
    • an unbalanced diet,
    • underlying medical conditions such as anaemia or hypothyroidism, 
    • psychological problems such as anxiety or depression. 
    • in addition, hormonal changes, viral or bacterial infections
    • certain medications

    However, it is important to recognise that asthenia can result from a combination of these factors and requires a thorough assessment to identify the underlying cause. By understanding the origins of our fatigue, we can better target therapeutic approaches and adopt effective strategies to restore our energy and vitality.

    What is a natural remedy for fatigue?

    When fatigue sets in, it is time to turn to natural remedies to restore energy and vitality. Among the options available, vitamins are real allies for our general health. In particular, vitamins C and D are essential for maintaining optimal energy levels, especially when we lack sun exposure during the winter months. In addition, B vitamins such as vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 are important for supporting energy metabolism and combating fatigue

    It’s worth reiterating, that lifestyle change and physical activity are very often beneficial for fatigue problems, whether or not they are combined with treatment. 

    Mycotherapy food supplements 

    Mycotherapy food supplements, made from medicinal mushrooms, represent a promising approach to boosting our energy levels. Among them, Cordyceps stands out for its beneficial effects on physical performance. Studies have shown that Cordyceps can increase the concentration of ATP, the main energy source used by muscles during exercise. In addition, supplementation with Cordyceps for three weeks was associated with a significant improvement in maximal oxygen uptake and endurance during exercise. These results make Cordyceps an ideal ally for increasing energy and improving athletic performance. In addition, its energising properties make it a useful supplement for combating fatigue, whether during intense sporting activity or in everyday life.

    In addition to cordyceps, other medicinal mushrooms such as reishi can also play a crucial role in boosting the immune system. When fatigue sets in, the immune system can weaken, leaving the body vulnerable to external aggression. Medicinal mushrooms offer a natural solution to strengthen this defence barrier. They contain bioactive molecules such as ß-glucans, which have been shown to help improve immunity.

    If fatigue persists, becomes severe, or is accompanied by other symptoms, seeking medical advice is essential. Consulting with a GP and undergoing a clinical examination will facilitate a comprehensive evaluation, including any additional tests required to pinpoint a potential cause.


    In summary, when addressing asthenia, it is essential to recognise the signals our body is sending us and respond appropriately. Persistent fatigue can be a symptom of several conditions, such as stress, exhaustion, emotional disorders or underlying illnesses. Achieving effective asthenia treatment necessitates embracing a holistic approach, combining natural remedies such as vitamins and medicinal mushrooms with wellness practices such as meditation and exercise. In addition, professional support may be needed to identify and treat the underlying causes of asthenia. By caring for our body and mind, we can better manage fatigue and regain our vital energy.




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