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What is depression?

Depression is an emotional disorder that causes a feeling of constant sadness and a loss of interest in day to day life. Also called “major depressive disorder” or “clinical depression,” it affects feelings, thoughts and behaviour, and can cause a variety of physical and emotional problems. It can cause difficulties carrying out daily life and may give rise to feelings that life is not worth living.

More than just a passing sadness, depression is something that can be hard to recover from quickly, it may require long-term treatment. Many people with depression respond well to medication, psychotherapy and often both.

Expert Advice

Our professional mycotherapy specialist advisors can provide tailored advice and mycotherapy protocols using Hifas da Terra organic mushroom products.

Which mushrooms have useful properties for depression?

Cordyceps Hifas da Terra


A mushroom that helps counteracts both mental and physical fatigue
Depression comes with mental exhaustion and this mushroom extract stimulates energy production becoming an ideal aid in both mental and physical exhaustion.

Reishi Hifas da Terra: useful properties


A mushroom that has shown to have calming properties
Reishi contains a class of proteins that act as precursors of neurotransmitters and endorphins helping to reduce anxiety. This mushroom extract is able to support brain chemicals in functioning optimally.

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Nutritional recommendations and general healthy habits for the maintenance of a good state of health

  • Practice at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. Take advantage of any moment to take a walk, make the purchase or climb the stairs.
  • Follow a diet as varied as possible: includes fresh fruits and vegetables, organic and seasonal, preferably.
  • Moderates the consumption of red meat and meat products. Increase in vegetables, legumes, fish and mushrooms.
  • It refuses, as far as possible, the consumption of processed foods such as sauces, sausages and pasta.
  • Avoid refined, processed and packaged flours (pasta, white bread, sliced bread, toast, cookies …)
  • Prioritizes the use of whole grain, quality and unprocessed flours.
  • Eat foods rich in unsaturated healthy fats that improve brain function such as nuts, blue fish, flax seeds or olive oil.
  • Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day.
  • Eliminate tobacco If you can not, minimize your consumption.
  • Try to moderate the consumption of alcohol to the beer and wine, not more than one glass / glass a day.
  • Make a reasoned use of salt. Try to reduce the intake of products with high content in this mineral.
  • It reduces the consumption of caffeine as well as that of exciting and carbonated drinks. Substitute them, for example, for green tea that contains less caffeine and more antioxidants.
  • Try to reduce the consumption of sugars, sweets and industrial pastries.
  • Eliminates or reduces the consumption of products with preservatives (especially from group E).
  • Perform relaxation exercises, deep breaths, relaxing activities such as yoga and practice meditation.
  • Try to have a set schedule to sleep, respecting your sleep hours and perform some relaxing exercise if you have trouble falling asleep. This will help you not get up with fatigue and irritability and decrease the levels of stress and anxiety hormones.
  • Adopt a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Enjoy natural foods and the simple things that surround you.
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