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How to care for your skin inside and out?

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    The skin is our body’s largest organ. It is responsible for protecting us from external aggressions.

    To better understand how we can help it fulfil its role, this article reviews the physiological processes at work and gives you the keys to taking care of your skin both inside and out so that it retains its role as a barrier and its radiance and beauty.


    The answer is yes! In fact, we talk more about skin regeneration than reconstitution. This process encompasses both the functional and structural restoration of lost or damaged parts. 


    Under normal physiological conditions, the epidermis, the outermost part of our skin, undergoes constant renewal from basal cells (the first, at the base), while minor lesions trigger an accelerated proliferation of basal epidermal cells to regenerate the damaged portion. 


    In the case of deeper lesions, affecting the dermis (located beneath the epidermis), regeneration takes place through a complex healing process. This involves an initial phase of proliferation and repair, in which provisional fibrous connective tissue replaces the destroyed dermis. Subsequently, this granulation tissue evolves into a neoderm, leading to genuine regeneration of the damaged tissue.


    As you will have gathered, cell renewal, particularly in the epidermis, is crucial to the health and youthfulness of the skin. This continuous process ensures that dead cells are replaced by new ones, preserving the integrity of the skin’s barrier function.


    Keratinocytes, the main players in this renewal process, follow a precise life cycle, starting at the base of the epidermis and culminating in desquamation on the skin’s surface. This process, which lasts an average of one month, maintains the skin’s luminosity and elasticity.


    However, endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) factors can influence cell renewal, sometimes leading to an accumulation of dead cells on the skin’s surface. This can lead to aesthetic problems such as a dull complexion.


    So, to maintain optimal cell renewal, especially as we age, beauty tips can be adopted from age 25.


    Every season brings with it its share of weather-related inconveniences that are just as much an attack on our skin.


    Summer, with its UV rays, sand and salt, can leave your skin dry and vulnerable.


    Winter, meanwhile, brings its own set of problems: dry wind, biting cold, pollution and drying heating. 


    To counter these aggressions that can put our skin to the test, here are a few essential steps to incorporate into your routine to keep your skin radiant and healthy. 


    • Gentle showers: use a soap-free cleansing gel enriched with moisturising and nourishing agents, and limit your time in the shower to avoid drying out your skin any further.
    • Morning moisturising: when you get out of the shower, nourish your skin with care. Choose from options such as milk, cream, balm or oil to restore lost moisture. 
    • Ongoing protection: to protect yourself from constant external aggression, you can opt for antioxidant products.
    • A healthy diet: of course, when it comes to health and beauty, diet is essential. Make sure you eat a balanced diet with health-promoting foods. Healthy food choices contribute to healthy skin from the inside out.
    • Evening cleansing and repair: in the evening, gently cleanse your skin and apply a moisturising mask to help repair. Regular moisturising is essential to maintain the skin’s hydrolipid balance and reinforce its barrier function. A moisturising serum can help your skin recover. 

    As autumn or spring approaches, it’s advisable to adjust your diet to counteract the fatigue caused by the change of pace by including more fruit and vegetables. And don’t hesitate to start the day with a glass of lemon juice to revitalise your body.


    The expression “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are” has a significant echo in the context of skin health. Today, it’s accepted that a poor diet has an impact on our skin. Ultra-processed foods, for example, bring their share of ‘pro-inflammatory’ molecules that encourage skin problems of all kinds.


    This observation has given rise to a new concept that is changing the way we look after our skin: ‘In and Out’. This holistic approach, embracing the whole person, strongly emphasises the importance of looking after the inside of the body to preserve the health of our skin barrier. With this in mind, a range of solutions are emerging that encourage a deep connection between our diet, our inner well-being and the beauty of our skin.


    Discover Mico-REPAIR

    Mico-Repair CBD is a powerful antioxidant-repairing serum. It is recommended for the prevention and treatment of skin disorders (healing, moisturising and tone unifying). It contains organic extracts of Reishi, Cordyceps and organic cannabidiol (CBD) oil, among other natural active ingredients.

    Our Mico Repair formula uses the fantastic properties of medicinal mushroom extracts and CBD oil to keep our skin happy. As our skin is our first shield against the elements, it’s important to provide it with serums that are concentrated in relevant active ingredients.


    • Deep repair of the skin barrier: Mico Repair, with its powerful Reishi and Cordyceps extracts, targets the deep repair of the skin barrier. The β-glucans or cordycepin, natural antioxidants, and other active compounds contained in these extracts work in synergy to strengthen and restore the skin’s resilience.
    • Active relief with CBD content: the serum provides active relief from itchy, irritated skin. This unique formula doesn’t just mask the symptoms, but tackles the underlying causes for a lasting solution.
    • The surrounding effect of active ingredients: CBD (a terpene) acts as a catalyst, potentiating the terpenes in Reishi and Cordyceps. This synergy of plant and fungal terpenes, known as the entourage effect, maximises anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, creating a more complete response to the skin’s needs.
    • Deep hydration: With a high concentration of active ingredients, Mico Repair offers deep hydration, regenerating the skin from within. This approach, which differs from traditional serums, guarantees rapid absorption and a light sensation on the skin.


    To maintain radiant skin, you need an external approach, but also a meticulously orchestrated internal approach.

    HIFAS-Equilibrium is the essential partner for caring for your skin from the inside out. Thanks to its triad of medicinal mushrooms – Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps – your body is supplied with valuable prebiotics and bioactive metabolites such as beta- and alpha-glucans, linoleic acid, cordycepin and ergosterol.

    This composition, whose benefits have been scientifically proven, does more than just support internal well-being. HIFAS-Equilibrium is the fruit of the expertise accumulated by Hifas da Terra over decades dedicated to medicinal mushrooms.

    Finally, medicinal mushrooms are fulfilling their role as allies in the holistic approach to skin health. Mico Repair, with its mushroom extracts and CBD, offers external repair, while HIFAS-Equilibrium, rich in medicinal mushrooms, supports inner well-being. Together, they embody a powerful alliance for balanced skin, nourished from within and protected on the outside.





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