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The cleansing diet that helps you eliminate toxins, fats and excess fluids


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    Are you also looking for a cleansing diet? In just a few weeks the scales have shot up. In general, experts point out that it’s not just an increase in body fat. Holiday indulgences such as eating and drinking more than necessary result in excess fluids and toxins accumulating.

    1.2 KG or 3lb ON AVERAGE


    A study published in 2020 revealed that at Christmas, people saw their weight increase by 1.35% on average (about 1.2kg or 3lb). More weight, more body fat, more fluid retention and more toxins. According to María Carmen Japaz Cancino, a specialist in Nutrition and Dietetics, this body context implies a “state of inflammation” that predisposes us to metabolic alterations. In the following points, we bring together the latest information on how to reset the body and restore healthy habits.

    What to eat on a cleansing diet: Choosing foods and supplements

    If you feel bloated and have fluid retention, you can help your body eliminate toxins by choosing cleansing foods and supplements that help the liver and kidneys process the toxins accumulated in the body.

    In this regard, it is also interesting to opt for diuretics that promote drainage and contribute to better blood circulation. We look at this in detail:


    As mentioned above, toxicity can affect the gastrointestinal system, but also the nervous and renal systems. Opting for supplements with a diuretic effect will favour the elimination of liquids in which toxins can accumulate.

    As experts in the study of medicinal mushrooms, Polyporus contains ergosterol (provitamin D2) and ergone, two substances studied in reducing fluid retention (Zhao YY, et al., 2009 and Yuan et al., 2004).

    Lymphatic drainage

    Supplements that support lymphatic drainage promote lymph mobilisation and help eliminate oedema that accumulates, especially in the abdomen and extremities.

    Liver cleansing

    The liver and kidneys are two of the organs most involved in the elimination of toxins, including hepatoprotective substances that support liver health.

    Here are two useful resources for your cleansing diet:

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    Pure mushrooms rich in bioactive substances

    Medicinal Mushrooms, in particular some species known for their bioactive compounds, have very interesting properties for detoxifying the body.

    Mushrooms contain several secondary metabolites (molecules produced by fungi that help them defend themselves against pests and pathogens), such as polyphenols, flavonoids and beta-glucans, which contribute to their antioxidant properties.

    While most were traditionally consumed in the form of herbal teas, they are now available in the form of food supplements, for example, which allow for a higher concentration of their active biomolecules, especially if they are extracts, the most concentrated form you will find on the market.


    An example of this is HIFAS-Detox, a Premium Quality supplement produced by Hifas da Terra, a biotech expert in the study of fungi and their biomolecules to develop food supplements. Thanks to our specialisms and research, we are pioneers in the development of supplements using Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Maitake and Polyporus, among others. We analyse each species by selecting strains based on their biochemical composition, select the most suitable culture medium and obtain extracts with high concentrations of biomolecules of interest to offer them in capsules.

    HIFAS-Detox is the Maitake and Polyporus-based supplement containing only β-(1-3),(1-6) D-glucans and α-glucans, triterpenoids, ergothioneine, ergosterol (precursor of vitamin D2). It also contains natural vitamin C (Malpighia glabra) to improve the bioavailability of the extracts and thus enhance their action.

    The role of fibre in detoxification

    Swedish researchers have been investigating faecal matter for years to detect possible diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Diets rich in fibre can contribute significantly to detoxification processes by helping to increase faecal matter and the speed at which it travels through the colon. Increased fibre not only helps to effectively eliminate metabolic waste, but also promotes the binding and elimination of various toxins. 

    Furthermore, the ability of fibre to enhance beneficial gut microbiota and bind harmful substances underlines its importance in supporting the intricate network of processes involved in the detoxification cascade within the gastrointestinal tract.

    What to drink or eat for elimination?

    At the moment, intermittent fasting, low-calorie diets, cleansing foods, natural fat burners, how to induce ketosis and recipes for cleansing soups… are everywhere.


    A diet to purify the body aims to shed the extra kilos without having a rebound effect and without major deprivation. We are not talking about miracle diets. We must choose a balanced cleansing plan that provides the nutrients we need and helps us to drain what we do not want without increasing our stress levels, which would reduce the effectiveness of the detox plan.

    If we want to purify the body, it is essential to know that we already have organs responsible for detoxification. Now, after indulgence, the smartest thing to do is to help them do their job in the best possible way, i.e. to equip our bodies with the necessary tools for eliminating waste through processes such as sweating, urination, and defecation.

    The golden rule for shedding pounds and cleansing the body is to consume less calories and to ensure intake is as healthy as possible. We already know that foods rich in fats, sugars or refined carbohydrates can be a great source of quick energy, but they can also have a negative impact on our health in the medium to long term. 


    If this argument does not carry enough weight in itself, recent studies indicate that eating too little can help improve the quality of life in old age and even extend life span, although this cannot be done permanently without health risks.


    Calorie restriction (CR), i.e. a kind of hypocaloric plan (reduced in calories but balanced in nutrients) involves a reduction of 10-20%  in the total daily calories which, according to the latest published studies, could help to improve quality of life in old age and keep cells young


    This concept is being investigated by scientists specialised in ageing and, they predict encouraging results, although not without criticism, as sustained calorie restriction over time can lead to metabolic alterations and a significant reduction in body mass.


    Without being extreme, we know that excessive dieting leads to cellular damage and, indirectly, a possible shortening of life, so eating according to our needs for as long as possible makes sense.

    Medicinal herbs, renowned for their richness in phytochemicals, present a compelling pathway for facilitating the body’s detoxification processes. Several herbs contain bioactive compounds, such as polyphenols, flavonoids and terpenes, which researchers have shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Some herbs possess metal-chelating properties (binding of heavy metals to water-soluble molecules) that facilitate the excretion of metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic. The beneficial molecules in herbs play a key role in boosting cellular defence mechanisms, especially in the liver.

    What not to eat on the detox diet?

    1. Refined sugars: avoid processed and refined sugars, such as those found in sweets, cakes, biscuits and sugary drinks.
    2. Alcohol: many detox diets suggest avoiding alcohol because of its impact on the liver and its ability to produce toxins.
    3. Fast food and fried food: avoid fried foods and fast food options, as they may contain unhealthy fats and additives.
    4. Caffeine: some detox diets suggest eliminating caffeine, as it can have a diuretic effect and, in excess, can increase stress on the body.
    5. Processed foods: avoid highly processed foods containing additives, preservatives and other artificial ingredients.
    6. Saturated and trans fats: limit the intake of saturated and trans fats, which are present in fried foods, fast foods and certain processed products.
    7. Gluten and dairy: some people choose to temporarily eliminate gluten and dairy from their diet during a period of detoxification.

    Fasting is controversial, but it’s all the rage, with countless health professionals citing its benefits for a healthier lifestyle. You may have heard of ketosis, which studies have shown to contribute to powerful changes in metabolic pathways and cellular processes, such as stress resistance, lipolysis and autophagy (our body’s cells digest and recycle damaged cell parts, waste proteins and disease-causing agents).




    According to biochemist Valter Longo, an expert in longevity, nutrition and disease, the safest long-term intermittent fasting is 12/12 as eliminating breakfast has been linked to shorter life expectancy. In a recent interview, the Italian scientist said that three to four days of intermittent fasting can: 

    • Restore insulin sensitivity.
    • Encourage organ size reduction. In this process, old and damaged, non-functioning elements of the body are eliminated.
    • The stem cells are put into standby mode.

    Summary: Cleansing diet and exercise

    In summary, in a cleansing plan it is very important to be attentive to the health of our lymphatic system and there are several methods to improve its drainage, as we have seen above. There are manual methods for lymphatic drainage, such as massage, but there are also other tools such as premium supplements that can HELP IMPROVE lymphatic movement and eliminate inflammation.


    Quinoa Detox Salad

    Ingredients: cooked quinoa, spinach, avocado, cucumber, tomato, lemon dressing and olive oil.

    Detoxifying Green Smoothie

    Ingredients: spinach, pineapple, ginger, cucumber, celery and coconut water.

    Cleansing Lentil and Vegetable Soup


    Ingredients: lentils, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, tomato, vegetable stock.


    • Get back to normal sleep: during sleep, the immune system can work at peak performance, including repairing damage caused by toxins, oxidation and the action of viruses and bacteria.
    • Hydrate: Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with water, herbal teas and teas.
    • Prioritise fresh fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and opt for whole foods such as whole grains, legumes and nuts.
    • Incorporate foods known for their cleansing properties, such as broccoli, spinach, beetroot and ginger. Opt for premium quality supplements that promote the elimination of toxins and support the liver and kidneys.
    • Add to your routine herbal teas that stimulate digestion and help eliminate toxins, such as green tea, dandelion or ginger.
    • Go back to the gym, walk, swim, etc. Exercise stimulates circulation and promotes the elimination of toxins through sweat.



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